Balme for families

Balme for families


Les Montagnards is a mountain hut fully accessible and structured for children and people with disabilities. You will find menus prepared with local products so as to value the territory wine and food and a family environment inspired by mountain values.

The first day starts with a visit to the Ecomuseo delle Guide Alpine di Balme. After lunch, in the afternoon you will discover the Frè hamlet and life at a pasture hut, along the Val Servin nature trail, to end with the “agguato dei briganti” (bandit ambush). The next day you will walk to Pian della Mussa, discovering the last part of the “Foresta di Sherwood”, lunch and return in the afternoon for some sport activities. On the next day, the morning is spent discovering the Labirinto Sotterraneo, adventurous itinerary, ideal for children.  After lunch, the afternoon offers a chance to imagine being a climber by climbing, in full security, the Massi di Balme. For an optional extra day it is possible to:

  • Climb to Lago Afframont in which Uja di Mondrone reflects itself. It is a wild place where, with some luck, it is possible to meet chamois.
  • Reach Bivacco Gandolfo and spend a night, autonomously, in close contact with nature.
  • More trained and athletic people may hike to Rifugio Gastaldi and spend a night at altitude in a mountain hut.

Before leaving Balme, it is possible to visit the “Cà du Roc” cheese factory.