Les Montagnards, Camera Ru

Mountain Bike

Thanks to „La Piutà“ Association, at our structure, from this summer you will have the possibility to rent 2 electric assisted pedal mtb: UMB-3 Crossover. With these bikes you can travel far and wide our valleys, following the various forest trails and dirt roads. Thanks to the electric motor assisting the pedaling by an electronic circuit, even if you are not skilled bikers, you will be able to run along these various itineraries. Depending on the degree of assistance required, on the ground, surface and weight of the person, you will be able to ride up to 70 kilometers in full autonomy.


The “Joelette” is a one-wheel chair with two shafts: one in front and the other behind the seat, in order to drive or to carry it, if necessary. A suspension, a brake and a jack to adjust the shafts, complete the Joëlette features. Its use requires minimum 2 assistants. The Joëlette can be adapted to personal disability. With the Joëlette, it is possible to travel on any kind of ground, given a minimum width of 1 meter and no steps higher than 40-50 cm. It allows to frequent outdoor spaces otherwise precluded to all people with motor disabilities. With the help of a Joëlette, people with motor difficulties will be able to leave conventional transportation means and enter the nature surrounding Balme along various difficulty itineraries.