Labirinto Sotterraneo

Labirinto Sotterraneo

Cliffs / Climbing

Climbing time: 1.30 hrs

Difficulty: E

An adventurous and exploratory route ideal to introduce children to the rock world.  It runs within a vast stony ground made by huge boulders which nature assembled in a creative and incredible way, creating wide caverns connected by dark galleries and exposed passageways.

A continuous succession of shady and lighted areas in which spectacular scenic views now on a valley, now on a mountain, are the right ingredients to spend a different day matching physical exercise and photographic rarities.



The notice board indicating the start of the route is situated on the right side of the country road to Balme, just at Albaron village bridge.  Please always follow very carefully the marks indicating the route as, only in so doing, you can completely enjoy everything this walk, on and below the boulders, offers.

The route within the marked path does not require climbing gear.  Nevertheless, in order to go through it in absolute safety, the use of a helmet is compulsory and we also suggest the use of gloves and a torch.  Clothes must be suitable to face a route with narrow and winding passages on sharp cornered and cutting stones.

Once you exit on the summit of a big boulder, in order to start the descent follow the triangular red marks which, through a path on the outside of the stony ground, take you back to the start.