Parete della Speranza

Parete della Speranza

Cliffs / Climbing

(Pian della Mussa)

Approach:  On arriving at Pian della Mussa, from the wide parking area in front of Trattoria Alpina, you may see the wall on the right side of the plain.  It is behind the aqueduct building and black slabs on the left side characterize it.  You will follow the road, which crosses the pinewood and the Stura on a concrete bridge.  In a few minutes you will reach the wall climbing the trail tracks on a grassy slope.

Approaching time:  15  minutes

The route had been nailed starting from the lower part but, since it is not very often visited, it is necessary to foresee autonomous protection where necessary.


  1. Ali spiegate – 6 a+
  2. Alienazione d’identità – 6 a+
  3. Le campane del tempio sommerso – 6 a
  4. Un ponte sull’eternità – 5+
  5. Orizzonti lontani – 6 a
  6. Il guerriero della luce – L1 6 a+ , L2 4
  7. Ritorno alla libertà – L1 6b , L2 6 a