Pian della Mussa

Pian della Mussa

Ice Falls

Among its boulders, the Pian della Mussa bed includes the most interesting waterfalls of Piedmont. It is split in two distinct sections by the very long Canale delle Capre. The most difficult waterfalls take shape to the left of the gully, below the Naressa pastures and Pian dei Morti.  To the right, a not too deep valley stretches out to the Lance of Ciamarella rock wall where there are other most interesting waterfalls.


First climb:  G.C. Grassi – R. Luzi,  March 1979

Elevation gain:  80 m

Difficulty:  TD

Exposure:  North

Altitude:  1800 m

Climbing time:  2-3 hrs

ACCESS:  Follow road signs from Ceres to Val d’Ala up to Balme, 1432 m, where you will park the car. From Balme, in 50’ you will reach Pian della Mussa following the mule track which departs from the ice-skating ring, on the left hydro-orographic side.

At the beginning of Pian della Mussa reach, on the left, “La Trattoria Alpina” from where the waterfall is partially visible.  Cross the plains, to the left of some significant elevations, toward the waterfall and reach  the creek, which originates it from above (20’ walk from the “Trattoria”).

ROUTE:  The original route climbs the first waterfall cliff on the left side (70°-80°).

Alternative route: The first cliff has also been overtaken directly at the center by climbing some vertical walls (Piero Sobrà e B. Ferrero, 4th April 1982).  TD

It is easy to climb up to the base of the second cliff which can be overcome at the right edge, along a vertical wall of compact ice (20 m, 85°-90°).

DESCENT:  You will descend on the right hydro-orographic side of the waterfall avoiding, at the beginning, a rocky cliff.  1 hr.

NOTE:  It is an ideal waterfall to approach the more difficult ones of Pian della Mussa circuit.  Even though it is not very continuous, nevertheless it presents two difficult cliffs, the second one being of great beauty.