Les Montagnards Refuge

For all those in search of unconventional and sustainable tourism

Winter in Balme is: Ice climbing, Ski touring, Sleddog, Snowshoeing, Cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing for beginners, Ice skating, Nature photography. All in autonomy or accompanied by professionals.

Let yourself be enchanted by the snow which amplifies the sense of quiet and makes contact with Nature even more intimate. Come and discover the silence and the charm of the clear nights. With a full moon or in the surreal darkness, you will enter a dreamlike environment with snowshoes, sledges or skis.

Guido and Antonella are Les Montagnards, 38 years of life dedicated to the Mountain world at all heights. You will find a warm, discreet and family welcome, accompanied by a gastronomic proposal enhancing the local products.

Have a sweet or savory snack, discover the flavors of traditional recipes at the end of an outdoor day. Enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while you spend the quiet evenings of your snow vacation. Treat yourself to an intimate tranquility moment away from the daily rhythms.

A place for all Mountain-goers, Les Montagnards is a place to rest, meet, refresh oneself, where you can talk, find information and participate to cultural meetings on the mountain world different aspects.
Stopping at Les Montagnards could be a pleasant surprise … and if you like it, Balme has many other emotions to offer all year round.

We are open all year except in November, we are waiting for you!

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