Les Montagnards used as information and training center

The mountain hut has a hall, which, according to the needs, can be a cozy parlor with fireplace for our customers or a conference hall or a home theatre. By moving the furniture around, we can host in it from 40 to 60 people. Furthermore, being WI-fi, projector and stereo system available, any kind of program is possible. Read more

Balme on television

Here are the links to the first two episodes of the television show “Un Rifugio per Due” (A Mountain Hut for two). It was filmed last summer and it is the result of partners’ cooperation. They share the same activity philosophy and together wanted to propose a pleasant and, at the same time, symbolic “picture” of what is possible to do in Balme.
It is the discovery of a territory rich in traditions, history and personalities where it is possible to practice different mountain activities. Giving advance notice, you will find here, the whole year around, the Lanzo Valleys Mountain Guides and the Brictour naturalistic hiking guides to accompany you.

Furthermore, we present you the “joelette” on open field so as to make clear what can be done in the mountains, for people with motor disabilities.
At last you will see a preview of Ecomuseo delle Guide Alpine, where the visitor will discover this mountain village origins and development. During the XIX century, its inhabitants changed from shepherds and farmers into mountain guides, just at the time of mountaineering origins in Italy.
Enjoy the two episodes! We hope you will want to come and discover us in Balme.


The Joëlette in Balme

The “ Joëlette ” is a one-wheel chair with two shafts: one in front and the other behind the seat, in order to drive or to carry it, if necessary. A suspension, a brake and a jack to adjust the shafts, complete the Joëlette features. Its use requires minimum 2 assistants. The Joëlette can be adapted to personal disability.

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The renovation yard is opened during the month of September 2011.  We begin with the roof remake: all rafters replacement, boarding, laying sheaths and, at the end, the “lose” (slates), mostly still the original ones.  Autumn is particularly favorable and dry so that works proceed without great difficulties.  On the southward pitch we decide to install integrated panels in order to feed a solar thermal system so as to balance existing heating and hot sanitary water systems.  5 IDMK25-AL recessed in the roof panel collectors are positioned (see pdf) they will stockpile through coil Comfort PSR800 (see pdf) (Sonnenkraft material [see home page]). Each panel has a 2,52 m² gross surface and a 252 kWh/(m²a) standard radiant efficiency for a 12,60 m² total surface and a 2625 kWh/(m²a).  The roof will be finished by mid November, after the one only short rainy period in the whole autumn. Read more