FEASR Fondo europeo agricolo per lo sviluppo rurale:
L’europa investe nelle zone rurali


Rural Development Program 2014-2020

Measure 6 – Development of agricultural holdings and enterprises

Transaction 642 – Investments in the creation and development of non-agricultural activities (small and non-agricultural micro-enterprises)

From 2012 to 2018, participating to 3 GAL open calls, we have wanted to create a structure and enterprise, in our own image, open to all those who believe in nature and in mountains as a personal discovery and training element. Over time, we have combined high-altitude experiences with the reality of the mid-mountain and valley bottoms in order to let everyone know about our mountain concept.

Thanks to the first call (PSR 2007-2013 Measure 312.2) we have modernised this manor in such a way as to make it completely usable and accessible. We wanted to approach EVERYONE, from families with children to people with disabilities, offering them the opportunity to discover the mountain by steps, starting from the simplest experiences.

Total cost recognized:               219,711.71 €

Public PSR refund:                       87,884.69 €

In order to also offer these experiences to people with disabilities, with the next call (PSR 2007-2013 Measure 313.2.b), we provided for the external paving, arrangement of all green areas and relative children‘s playground. We then also equipped the structure with a joelette: a special trekking chair that allows people with reduced mobility to frequent nature and the surrounding area on trails of variant difficulty.

Thanks to this joelette we have been able to participate and / or organize specific events and activities in Turin, Racconigi (CN), Bosco Marengo (AL) and of course in Balme. In time, thanks to these events, we have managed to create a collaboration network with various other associations and institutions that allow us, at this moment, to count on a dozen joelettes if necessary.

It is our belief that Mountain is for everyone, without distinction, as long as any proposed activity is in respect of sustainability, where the limit is that defined by Man’s body and psyche. In this manner each of us will be able to find incentives and live formative experiences. It is our will to spread the mountain culture all around, starting from past experiences we had in time and from relationships, collaborations and cooperations we have created over the years with professionals, organizations and associations, particularly emphasising mountain safety, prevention and sustainability.

Total cost recognized:                  25,002.87 €

Public PSR refund:                        10,009.15€

Finally, with the third call (PSR 2014-20 Measure 6.4.2), in order to improve services to our  customers, we have bought an 8-seater multivan, equipped for transportation of people with disabilities. On request and for internal use only we can offer: shuttle service, luggage, e-bikes and joelettes transport.

This multivan will allow EVERYONE (even people with impaired mobility) to enjoy the Lanzo Valleys in complete autonomy and therefore take part in various activities that do not necessarily need departure and return to the facility. Specifically, with such vehicle, there are no territorial limits within which to propose activities: you can leave Balme’s borders, you can move to other municipalities and valleys.

With this vehicle we can provide, when required or necessary, service to our partners, with whom we have been working for years and with whom we share an idea of tourism development in the area.

Total cost recognized:                  28,457.86 €

Public PSR refund:                        14,228.93 €